I'll be pretty thrilled if my hair was this long. Unfortunately that means a couple more years of growing :(

Image via The Sartorialist 


Gwyneth's T on Glee

Now I love me some Glee, but mostly all I could think about this latest episode was Gwyneth's shirt the first scene she's in, who designed it, and where I could find one just like it. Any ideas?

Images courtesy hulu/ my amazing screen-capturing abilities.

update: found it!! here.


J. Crew Fall 2011 RTW

The Fall collection from J. Crew is breath-taking. Look at these outfits! 'Nough said. Although I'd just like to point out that the mixture of tone, texture and pattern is spot on. I love the fall colors and trends mixed with what's currently going on this spring. Like pastels/ maxi skirts with deep maroons and navys/ leopard print. Well done!



Today I came across a really gorgeous magazine for the first time called Bullett (it was Volume II: Illumination). I was really taken aback by the amazing photography featured within. I recommend visiting the link and taking a look. 

The first image is from Bullett
The second two are by Ariel Rosenbloom, featured on Miss Moss


Band of Outsiders

Loving these images from Kirsten Dunst's photoshoot with Band of Outsiders for the Spring 2011 collection.

Reusable sandwich bags

Yay sustainability!

Find them here.